The production carried out by every company must take place meeting some parameters of sustainability, both environmental and of corporate social responsibility. To ensure that these requirements are met, in the textile sector there is the worldwide certificate Standard STeP (Sustainable Textile Production), audited and issued by the International Association OEKO-TEX®.


An analysis of six areas

STeP allows an exhaustive and reliable analysis of the reach of sustainability in six different areas: chemicals management; environmental protection; environmental management; health and safety; social responsibility; and quality. This differentiates it from other systems, which, for the most part, only consider some individual aspects of the sustainability.

The following aspects related to the management of chemicals, environmental protection and environmental management are:


Management of chemicals.

– Compliance with the guidelines of a restricted substances list (RLS)

-Implementation of proper management of harmful substances.

– Compliance with the principles of sustainable chemistry also called Green Chemistry.

– Periodic training and education on the management of the chemicals used.

-Commitment for proper communication regarding the chemicals used and their risks.

-Control and supervision of the use of chemicals.


Environmental protection.

– Compliance with stipulated limit values.

-Use of the best technology possible for the production process.

-Optimization of production processes.

-Efficient use of available means.

-Management responsible for waste, wastewater, emissions, etc.

-Reduction of CO2 ecological impact.


Environmental management

– Proof of an adequate environmental management system for the systematic implementation and coordination of objectives of all environmental protection measures.

-Commitment with environmental objectives.

-Realization of environmental reports periodically.

-Nomination of a representative of the environment

– Periodic training in relation to the implementation of the environmental objectives.

-Implementation of environmental protection systems.