Challenges in the hotel sector: sustainability, technology and innovation

Resuinsa, alongside Carmela Martí Decoración, ran a training day in Valencia covering how textiles can help hotels

Professionalisation in the hotel sector includes being aware of new challenges in three essential areas: sustainability, technology and innovation. In order to remain updated, training from solid businesses with wide-ranging experience is a must.

In this sense, Resuinsa is firmly committed to training and, alongside Carmela Martí Decoración, ran a one-day course on ‘Three Keys to Facing Up to New Challenges. How Textiles Can Help You’ in Valencia this past Wednesday 10th May. The sales representative for eastern and southern Spain, Javier Blasco, and project director at Carmela Decoración, Carmela Martí, explained the changes in the sector with regard to sustainability, technology and innovation.

The thirty housekeeping employees and laundry staff who attended the course got to know the effects of the new regulations on textile waste and the solution provided by Resuinsa, alongside Penadés Textil, in order to implement a real circular economy for hotel textiles. Moreover, they were introduced to the VITA collection—a 100% sustainable line made from recycled materials and which, in turn, can be recycled once again.

The day-long presentation also looked at how textiles can be a key standout element for hotels through innovation and technology. The course delved into the importance of smart textiles and the many advantages they offer to housekeeping and laundry staff. An RFID system optimises textile stock control and management through item identification, location, traceability and management. Consequently, for example, this can lead to marked timesaving in count and control tasks.

The training day sparked attendees’ interest, with Resuinsa and Carmela Martí passing on their wide-ranging experience and latest projects for frontline hotel professionals to help improve their daily tasks. In this way, the international firm aims to make its own contribution and pass on the lessons learnt over its 45-year history, in order to continue supporting sector professionalisation.