Blue Carrot: an ingenious combination of colours for Carmela Martí’s new collection

In recent years a trend has consolidated in interior design for the hospitality industry: creating spaces with personality. These days, with the word “experience” being present in everything that surrounds a trip, there is no room for impersonal hotels that do not convey any feelings. Today’s guests are looking for ingenious designs that, at the same time, offer them the comfort of feeling at home.

In the room, textiles play a very important role in achieving this double objective. On the one hand, they allow original and creative proposals to be integrated without the need for big changes and, on the other hand, they provide the warmth and comfort of a homely atmosphere.

This is what Carmela Martí achieves with her Blue Carrot collection, included in her “Bed Sellers” textile catalogue. Blue Carrot uses a palette that Pantone has defined as ingenious for its combination of complementary colours which create a truly amazing effect. Orange is a warm colour that brings a sense of optimism; thanks to its luminosity, it revitalises and energises the room. By contrast, blue is a colder colour inviting to keep calm and it conveys a feeling of serenity and tranquillity.

This powerful chromatic statement provides serenity and freshness in equal measure to dress all kinds of establishments in an ingenious way. It is a combination of colours and textures that will have guests leaving with their batteries fully charged, eager to repeat the experience.