Barcelona hosts a Resuinsa training session on textile innovation, design and sustainability

At Resuinsa, we are committed to professionalising and enhancing the hotel sector through training days based on our wide-ranging experience.

Refreshing and updating skills in the hotel sector has become key for ongoing improvement. The speed of technological progress and new challenges make training from benchmark companies an essential aspect for hotel establishments to consider.

In this sense, Resuinsa is highly aware that hotel sector training and strengthening go hand-in-hand. For many years, the company has been fully commitment to running workshops aimed at staff who hold key posts in hotel operations, such as housekeepers.

In this vein, the benefits are two-fold: session attendees get the chance to access the proven experience of a renowned firm whilst the skills acquired lead to more satisfied guests.

Training in Barcelona

Our training session on ‘The Keys to Dealing with New Challenges: How Textiles Can Help’ ran in Barcelona on 8th May, welcoming around 30 housekeepers from different hotels in the Catalonian capital. Our commercial director, Juan Antonio López, and commercial manager for Catalonia, Diego Simón, explained essential topics in the sector.

Attendees got to discover first-hand current issues such as the circular economy for textiles in the hotel sector, with our sights set on the new European regulations on textile waste coming in effect on 1st January 2025. In addition to explaining what impact they will have, the hosts explained how Resuinsa is the only company to truly allocate funds for research into collecting textiles based on the new regulations. In this sense, the firm is getting ahead of the game by introducing a coordinated collection project for industrial textile waste for reuse and recycling.

In turn, innovation and a real commitment to R&D&i was another general interest topic. We presented our advanced Resuinsa RFID solutions enabling efficient item management through radio-frequency identification. Smart textiles support the daily housekeeping by ensuring textiles can be monitored and controlled in real time, optimising logistical processes and improving operational efficiency at hotels.

The Barcelona session also looked at the textile manufacture process for the hotel industry, as well as the latest design trends and the importance of international sustainability certifications. Moreover, housekeeping staff were able to ask questions or comment on areas aimed at improving their daily tasks.

Resuinsa Group

The session also included a presentation on the Resuinsa Group, a family-run textile group since 1926, and its three established brands: the Resuinsa brand stands as a benchmark in textiles for industrial laundry with over 10,000 customers across the five continents; Carmela Martí Decoración designs decorative textiles for the hotel sector; and Resuinsa Home is the group’s latest project geared towards transforming e-commerce.

In turn, although Resuinsa already has a presence in the global luxury hospitality market, the firm is preparing to launch a new concept this year, ‘Premium Hotel Luxury’, under a new brand.

In short, training days such as the session in Barcelona highlight the interest in developing and enhancing the hotel sector by inviting professionals who play key roles at hotels, such as housekeeping staff. Resuinsa purposefully collaborates with groups, organisations and hotels to ensure guests ultimately benefit from the skills provided by the sessions.