Atelier by Resuinsa: how to create tailored linens for a Michelin 3-star restaurant

Thanks to its careful combination of simplicity and elegance, the Restaurant Martín Berasategui (Lasarte) has been awarded three Michelin stars and gained huge international renown. The simplicity and elegance have now been further enhanced by Resuinsa through its Atelier service, developing completely tailored linens to dress tables at the prestigious San Sebastián restaurant. Ever since Resuinsa introduced the Atelier project in October last year, the trend in personalising linens within the hospitality sector has enjoyed exponential growth, representing added value for hotels, spas and restaurants to reinforce their brand concept. The challenge at the Restaurant Martín Berasategui was to enhance the dishes—the true works of art at the establishment—by seeing the table fabrics as a type of canvas on which to unfurl the chef’s creations.

With the idea of strengthening the different elements that characterise the Lasarte restaurant, Resuinsa’s design team visited the premises to speak to the Martín Berasategui team, including the manager Oneka Arregui, who took charge of transmitting the restaurant’s creative traditional approach to food. Seeing service as an inherent experience to the restaurant’s philosophy, they stressed the requirement that a trip to the restaurant be a all-encompassing experience offering something for all five senses. In this vein, Resuinsa decided on a full mise-en-place with a tablecloth and floor-length cover slip. The fabric selected for the design is top-quality, natural white linen. This choice matches the standards of simplicity, elegance and quality set by the Restaurant Martín Berasategui. Resuinsa’s table linen underscores these attributes and enhances the role of the cuisine which is, without doubt, the main pillar of Restaurant Martín Berasategui’s reputation.

‘This is not our first collaboration with Resuinsa and we have always seen excellent results. Here, the Atelier project enables us to dress our restaurant in linens that provide the perfect accompaniment to the dishes offered on our menu’, states Martín Berasategui. ‘Tailored table linens underscore our identity, allowing us to work with fabrics, cuts and designs that are in line with the other elements defining the restaurant’, underlines the chef. In turn, Resuinsa CEO Félix Martí considers it hugely positive that a Michelin 3-star restaurant and an internationally renowned chef such as Martín Berasategui have trusted in Resuinsa to dress the tables at the restaurant. ‘Amongst many other elements, we admire the elegant simplicity in the dishes created by Martín Berasategui and this is why we have strived to find the right linens to enhance this aspect’, explains Félix Martí. In this way, haute couture and haute cuisine come together in the privileged and renowned setting of Restaurant Martín Berasategui—a project dedicated to satisfying eager palates seeking a gastronomic experience comme il faut. The restaurant’s focus is to work with the very best produce offered by the earth, oceans and seasons. Now thanks to Resuinsa, they all have a splendid canvas on which to shine.